Jumbo Ring

Dumbo is such a well-done and classic story that it can be many things to many people. To some, it is a tale of overcoming one’s weakness and believing in yourself. To some a tale of friendship. But at its core and in its heart, Dumbo is story about that special bond and unconditional love that occurs between a mother and her only calf.

We have teamed up with a Birmingham based miniatures artist who wishes to remain anonymous. He mainly works on miniatures made in Gold making every piece a work art.

Formed from oxidized gold and featuring a golden miniature of an elephant in a clear Domenic a tanzanite cabochon, the ring band itself is detailed with the engraving of an elephant that is cradling the miniature on the length of its trunk, keeping the golden baby safe from any harm. A beautiful tribute to a story that will delight pachyderm lovers and Disney fans like, this charming ring excudes emotion and elegance in equal measure-ideal for when you want something heartfelt as well as truly breath-taking in terms of artisanal skill.