The Story


Founded in 2008, D’Joya quickly established a reputation as one of the very finest high jewellery maisons.

Our philosophy is to create unique masterpieces of wearable art in high jewellery.

Around 5000 years ago, the desire to adorn oneself took on the status of an art form in Indian culture – something that continues to this day. Proud of this heritage, D’Joya brings you exquisite keepsakes that will last forever. Inspired by works of art, fables and the glory of the natural world, each of these inimitable pieces is an ingenious ode to life that effortlessly evokes a vibrant story.

These precious and gracefully told stories enthuse the wearer in an enchanting bond that lives on from one generation to the next, becoming heirlooms that are true to the life and spirit of the adorned.

Just like the creations of man and nature that D’Joya’s pieces are inspired by are beyond the scope of the ordinary, every one of our eye-catching keepsakes has been painstakingly created over many hours by world-class master craftsmen whose passion is only matched by the wonderful versatility of their skills.

D’Joya’s craftsmanship lies in the team’s knowledge of time-honoured methods, their ability to find the finest quality, ethically sourced gems available, and the house’s dedication to making each piece perfectly unique and true to its story.

Our pieces are wondrously delicate sculptures imbued with a meaning that come of life when they are worn, stories waiting to be told. Infinitely valuable, intricate and one-of-a-kind, these splendid heirlooms are sure to be treasured by collectors and future generations.

D’Joya’s bespoke commissions are journeys we take with our patrons, to summon to life their secret, cherished, joyful stories thanks to our vast and spirited imagination and our exceptional skill and passion.

We look forward to embarking upon a journey with you and telling your story with wit, grace and elegance. We value our artistic bond with each of our patrons and will be by your side throughout the creative process.

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